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With a natural talent for building financial connectors and strategies for success, Tani is on a mission to help individuals and organizations successfully navigate life through the financial GPS to transition from a place of not enough to a heathy financial well-being. She brings to the stage creative, electrifying and dynamic presentations that will compel change and improve bottom line results. Tani’s classes and workshops are GUARANTEED to take you on a journey of financial discovery and CULTIVATE your desire for success by creating a wealthy mindset to UNLEASH YOUR FINANCIAL POWER. She is a master facilitator that engages the audience, provides obtainable solutions and gets everyone started on a new path to financial excellence.

Prepare to be EDUCATED, EMPOWERED & ENCOURAGED to walk into new levels of FINANCIAL Success.

Dynamic Signature Talks

Money Management From The Inside Out

In this session Tani breaks down the definition of real financial success, failure and fulfilment. She uses a blueprint to show you how to realign your finances effectively to live life intentionally and harness the power of your money.

Unmasking The NAKED Truth Of Credit

Every piece of information on your credit is governed by the way you manage your money. The way you handle money reflects your worth and in this strategy talk Tani shows you how to turn the negative triggers into a balanced, well-rounded numerical data that creates abundance in your financial health.

3 Steps To Unleash Your Financial Power

With the paragon shift that is evolving in the financial sector Tani has crafted a three step formula that will teach you how to unblock the fear factor in money management and build a solid financial foundation.


Tani is a delight to work with – her workshops are captivating, informative and well-organized. Her presentations provide tangible action steps that improve processes and increase profit margin.

Stacy Y Whyte Victorious Consulting Group

Tani Layne works from her heart, that’s why abundance flow out of it and lives are impacted and forever transformed.

LaTicia Nicole Beatty Speak Life Enterprise

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“The future of your money depends on how you use what you have and how well you invest what you have today.”Tani Layne

More on Tani Layne

As a leading financial expert, speaker and entrepreneur Tani Layne is a voice of change that helps clients to create financial models starting with money management, financial investments and implementing the principles of credit fundamentals. She incorporates personal soft skills with her financial knowledge and leadership experience into her unique methods to change your financial status.

As Chief Executive Officer of Naked Credit Academy™ Tani is a financial role model that is determined to equip, inspire and educate women and men of all ages with the confidence to reclaim their financial power, discover their divine purpose and create a financially secure future.

Money Mindset Maker: 

Tani is available to deliver a customized presentation to your group on organization based on proven techniques and strategies to break up money fear, mindset blockage and financial lacks to unleash freedom in wealth building. She will inspire the audience to change, build momentum and drive excellent money results to give you the life you deserve.

Tani is available for:

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Audience Includes:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Corporations
  • New & Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Executive /Mid-Level Professionals
  • Women’s Organizations
  • Colleges / Universities
  • Non-Profits
  • Municipalities

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