"Overwhelmed with joy..."

When I met Ms. Layne, at one of her financial workshops, my financial life was in turmoil and I did not know which way to turn concerning my business. She immediately stepped in to help me get focused. She helped me get my tax documents in order and structure my company. I feel privileged to have met her; she is very knowledgeable and was very patient with my circumstances. I thank God for her assistance at a time when I truly needed stability. Since she took on my business as a client, I have launched two additional business entities within my parent company and my business increased by almost 15% from the previous year. I am truly grateful for her expertise.

Angel Miller

"Her love for people..."

About a year or so ago, I was on face book checking out the profiles. I came across this lady with an amazing smile and very profound information on how to improve my credit. I would respond to her posts, write back in very BOLD letters to express how she was impacting my life just on what I saw. I requested some information, set a meeting, and proceeded to go from there. She met me at Panera Bread, that day changed my life. I entered her program to start rebuilding my life through my credit. She offered good sound advice, tips, but mostly she used her love for people to resonate the importance of staying focused, having a plan, and being disciplined. I love my pep talks daily, weekly homework, and a changed mindset for myself. It has been a very interesting road traveled. This year I was able to purchase my first car since beginning the program in March 2014, from Toyota!!!  Thank you lord! It works just keep on believing!

Towanna Siler


I would like to thank Tani for all of her support and guidance during the launch of our business. I really can’t put my thoughts into the right words when I describe the countless hours Tani spent on the phone and/ or person listening to me, answering my questions, seeing me through my fears and frustration. I am thankful for her business experience, connections, financial advice and counseling. Making the decision to leave Corporate America to follow the vision God has placed in your heart takes a mind shift and a leap of FAITH, and I am confident that God place Tani in my life to help me move forward in doing HIS will in my life.

Lamekia L. Jarman, M.S. | CEL, Founder, Owner B-TWEEN BRIDGES, LLC


Tani is brilliant, friendly and gifted. Attending her seminars are more like going and learning from a friend. She has an amazing outlook on life and that can easily translate into your life if you listen to what she has to say. I promise you will change your whole plan for your finances after you have learned from the best! Thanks for everything!