Tour Of India

Hello Abundance,

Historically, November and December are my quiet months of the year where I like to focus on planning for the upcoming year, BUT this past December I got to spend weeks traveling in India with some really great people. I myself feel blessed that I got to spend the end of the year crossing off one of my bucket list items. It was such a shocking beauty, as well as, absolutely amazing and inspiring! Check out my Instagram profile to see how amazing time I had in India. You might want to start following me as well if you don't already :)

While I was traveling, I kept thinking about my AskTani followers and how far we've come. We've come so far, because despite whatever we experience through our finances, you are able to see the abundance in your life. Sometimes we experience chaotic situations, where we can’t see the beauty of the tragedy we’re experiencing but we somehow manage to make it to the next day. Whether we’re facing a foreclosure, eviction, repossession of a car, or past due statements - there is beauty in our tragedy. One of the reasons I love what I'm doing is because I get to empower people to see the prosperity that I see in them. And that is a goal I am proud to have fulfilled in 2016. I want for people to continue to take control of their internal GPS and not allow financial chaos to dictate which direction they go. Whenever something comes up as a negative, shut it down. Do you hear the word lack approaching? Shut it down. See through the financial chaos towards your abundance.

Not only do I want you to see the prosperity and abundance in your situations, I want you to realize the story behind what you’re experiencing.

Because there is a story behind everyone’s relationship with money, even mine.

I first learned about money from my grandmother - she would give me plates of food, which I would then take out and exchange for money. This action taught me at an early age the value of money.

My second lesson was from my amazing mother. We always had the best clothes and I even won "best dressed" in 8th grade. But I never saw her pay a bill.

My third lesson was from my uncle. When he had money he was happy. And when he didn’t have money he wasn’t happy. But when he did, we all knew it.

I am sharing this because each of these experiences has shaped my viewpoint and relationship with money which led me to where I am today. You, too, have a story which has shaped your current relationship with money. You too, have to dig deeper than the surface level of the relationship you have with money. Dig into your inner self to see what your relationship with money is and how you can treat it better. 

Remember: Money stays with those who treat it right.

Understand that your relationship with money is also a reflection of your self-worth. Wake up every day and tell yourself that you are more than enough. It doesn’t matter if you have - $600 in the bank account - that does not dictate your worth. Begin to realize who you are and value yourself in order to build a healthy relationship with your finances. It’s about your inner blueprint and the way you manage your finances that have to deal with your way of thinking. If you do not value yourself and see the value of your wealth, then your lack of confidence and self-worth will be reflected in your funds. 

Don’t allow this.

We are created to be and have more than enough from God. Embrace and acknowledge that money is meant to be a blessing for you and to others. Money is simply a piece of paper and shouldn’t determine who you are, but you should determine what it does.

So, take control of your finances by carefully monitoring where your coins go each day, week, and month. Work with me today to start buying your first house, or trade in your vehicle, or boost your credit score within 90 days. Use your inner GPS to program your mindset and lead your future.

What are you waiting for? 

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