Scarcity...Don't Let it Consume You!

My valued friends:

I recently completed a training session and I had some thoughts I wanted to share with you.  There were a lot of great thoughts and ideas presented, but I have to say that the one that really stuck with me--the idea that really made an impact on me--was the concept of scarcity.  Now, I'm in the financial world (financial war) and most of the time we think of scarcity in fairly narrow terms.  In financial terms scarcity amounts to lack of cash flow, lack of resources to make ends meet. Wondering how you are going to pay your utilities and feed your family. Making the tough decisions.

But as I was thinking about this concept, I began to think of it in a broader sense. What other areas of your life could scarcity impact? Scarcity with friends and personal relationships. Scarcity with love. Scarcity, I thought, could exist in a much more profound way than simply financial. Scarcity could quite literally impact all areas of your life. It can take over and consume you.

I want to encourage you to try a different approach. I want you to step away from the old scarcity-driven ways of struggling day-in and day-out to be rich as we were taught when we were growing up. I want you to find and operate with abundance in all areas of your life--including your finances. To change your way of thinking.  Take an inventory of your life and the areas that you find are LACKING. (Because scarcity and lack go hand-in hand) If LACK is present in any way it has an impact on your bank account. If you are confronted with rejection, instead of thinking of it in a negative light, view it as a divine course corrector!

To put it simply, I want to teach you a way of thinking and acting that attracts abundance. One of the biggest challenges faced by my students is the belief that they are unworthy of becoming wealthy.

Put that thought out of your head right now!

Instead, change your life by learning the spiritual game of money - make abundant amounts AND enjoy a richly spiritual life NOW.  When you behave in this way you are magnetic to opportunity, money and other favorable circumstances and this directly impacts your credit scores in so many different ways.  Break down old barriers and learn to live abundantly.