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Check out the testimonials below:

I entered her program to start rebuilding my life through my credit. She offered good sound advice, tips, but mostly she used her love for people to resonate the importance of staying focused, having a plan, and being disciplined. I love my pep talks daily, weekly homework and a changed mindset for myself. It has been a very interesting road traveled. This year I was able to purchase my first car since beginning the program in March 2014, from Toyota!!! Thank you lord! It works just keep on believing!
— Towanna Siler

You could be the next person with a transformed life by attending this event!

Get a peak of what’s to come from this event by watching THIS short video featuring Tani about tips to enhance your credit scores and reading these top 10 mistakes to AVOID below:

1. Not Knowing Your Credit Score
2. Getting Your Credit Score From the Wrong Place.
3. Immediately Paying a Bill in Collections.
4. Assuming You Have Great Credit Because You
Pay Your Bills on Time.
5. Failing to Pull Your Credit Report Because You
Think it Will Hurt Your Score.
6. Applying for Credit Jointly With Your Spouse.
7. Waiting to Improve Your Credit.
8. Failing to Check for Errors.
9. Not Having a Plan.
10. Wiping Your Hands Clean of Credit.







Tanisha Layne, the founder of Naked Credit Academy which transforms your LIFE in eight weeks by developing and implementing plans to increase your scores will be speaking this Saturday, November 21 from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at the Hyatt House North Hills in Raleigh, NC. In other words, you are only a couple days away from the biggest credit score transformation in town.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity! Claim your spot HERE and reserve your seat with the Early Bird Special Deal of $57.00! It will be $99.00 for the entire day workshop on the day of November 21. 

Tani is widely known throughout the Market Place, the Business Community, the Credit Score Breakthrough Success Coach for Women, and is one of the leading experts in the financial industry.

This life changing event will allow for you to learn of ways to take control of your credit score! Do you feel that your credit score is preventing you from owning your dream home? Your dream car? Don’t feel bounded by past mistakes, such as bankruptcies, collections, and late payments. There is HOPE.  

Tani has given dozens of people from all walks of life financial independence through her powerful strategies of taking control of your credit score and living a debt free life.


Photo by cacaroot/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by cacaroot/iStock / Getty Images