Is your shoe game better than your score?

Many of us care about what we are wearing versus ensuring if the bank account is increasing….

Is your shoe game better than your score?

Announcement: Buying expensive shoes will not increase your credit score!

Many ladies rely on a “shoe game” when checking out their credit scores and this means that many ladies seem to think that spending an arm and a leg on something like an expensive pair of Jimmy Choo heels is the best way to increase their scores.

It turns out that it is harder to raise your score by playing this kind of "shoe game" with your credit score. Making one time, frivolous purchases can potentially do nothing to help your score. If you're stuck with a terrible interest rate, you may only be making payments that do nothing to benefit you in the long run. Think about it this way – if you were a lender, would you rather give your money to someone who made smart purchases or those who only wallowed in lingering debt due to a silly purchase? There are many tactics that you can use to raise your credit score.

One example is to have a recurring payment come out of your credit cards. This, might be for an example a phone bill, a utility or other payment of that nature. If you are using your credit and paying off your balance as much as possible, this can also affect your score for the positive. Leaving a lingering balance based on a purchase at a shoe store will not help your score. Also, many people use their credit for important purchases, such as for your house or vehicle, which look much better to lenders than your last purchase from Macy's.  

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