Dear Tani: How Can a Financial Team Help Me?

Often I am asked questions like these and I am happy to answer.  Today's question, I felt was really important and wanted to share.

Kim writes: "Dear Tani, I read your blog post about everyone needing a financial team.  It was informative but I still needed to know how can they really help me?  What can they help me with?" 

These are all really good questions Kim! I am sure others out there are asking the same things and this is why I have broken down how a Financial Team like my Naked Credit Academy can help you!

I know how easy it can to feel to be overwhelmed with trying to balance your finances and determining what’s best for your financial future.  However, you don’t have to go through this alone. This is why it is key to have someone to work with you, to determine and plan your long-term financial goals. You can allow yourself to feel at ease and have a peace of mind by knowing that there is someone on your side who will work with you and plan your long term financial goals. Just how can you do this? By having a financial team!  

Just what is a financial team? A financial team is a team of trusted individuals who will help you apply your skills to build your financial future by figuring out how and when to pay your next bill, finance your car, build your wealth, your company – the list is endless! By immersing yourself in a team of one, two, or more people you allow yourself to gather in unity with others to uplift and encourage each other in the different financial areas of your life without judgement. 

With team support, powerful things begin to flow: inspiration, unity, peace, and freedom!  

Why is having a financial team so important? With so many things looming in our lives, it is key to address the problems that 90% of people experience. This is from job loss, excessive debt, or house foreclosure. Through having a financial team you can ask others for the wisdom, insight, experience, and knowledge, allowing YOU to make the best and informed decision about what to do with your future to be financially independent! These people are there to encourage, empower, and provide you with useful advice and tips! Building your own financial empowerment team allows you to brainstorm and harvest ideas with others that you trust. 

Just how should you utilize your financial team? First, make sure you explain your problem and provide all the facts completely to them! This opens the door for everyone to discuss possible solutions and make informed RIGHT decisions from the facts. Make sure all of your ideas are clearly understood and explained so you fully understand everything!  

What’s next? Order your ideas by priority! Put them in order by what you feel provides the BEST option to solving the problem. Don’t simply limit yourself to the ideas listed, there are no rules here. Encourage and create a team environment that promotes a free flow of ideas so your options can be re-birthed, modified, or combined!  

Next, act it out! Try out each of your suggested ideas in the order listed until a solution is presented.  

But, what if you try everything and your problem is still there? Then, expand your network! Seek out the professional(s) who specialize in solving the specific financial problem you are experiencing.  

Now, do you think you’re ready to tackle your problems and take them head on so you can be financially independent? If not, let’s walk through a practice problem together!  

Problem: You make 4,000 a month, but spend 5,000 per month. What’s the first step to this issue?  

First, create the right mindset within yourself and your financial team that every problem has a solution. Next, list ALL possible solutions. Here are some example possible solutions (in no exact order):  

  • Obtain a part-time job.  
  • Request overtime or additional hours with your current employer.  
  • Create a budget plan and eliminate wasteful spending.  

What’s next? Harvest ideas from your financial empowerment team. Provide them with all the necessary information and facts so they can gain a clear understanding and insight into your problem. Allow them to think of possible solutions to your problem over a few days and then schedule a time for everyone to meet and discuss the solutions, this can be in person or virtually over the internet or a conference call.  

During your discussion of solutions, you should compare them to the solutions you came up with and study, evaluate, analyze the solutions together as a group to list them in order of priority. If you choose the solution of obtaining a part-time job you can create an action plan of the following: 

  1. Review and edit your resume and cover letter. 
  2. Locate relevant job opportunities based on position title, hours, and location. 
  3. Apply, Apply, Apply! 
  4. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of the positions you applied to and have been extended interview invites to.   
  5. Follow up with recruiters and human resource departments as needed.  

Now what do you do with your endless list of solutions? ACT THEM OUT! Try each possibility in order of priority until a solution is found.  

And always remember: Doing nothing only strengthens your problems and weakens your possibilities.  

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