Establish a Wealth Mindset

Photo by iLexx/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by iLexx/iStock / Getty Images

A lot has been on mind and I’ve been thinking about the word wealth. During last weeks #MoneyDateNight which is a time and space where we all need to come together and create a mindset of wealth. Wealth starts with your mindset by not thinking of what you don’t have, but what you do have. Don’t constantly say to yourself - “I don’t have hardly any money,” or “I can’t stop living paycheck to paycheck.” Instead discover with me how you can create a mindset to think differently and have solutions to all of your money obstacles. 

Wealth starts with you. Wealth is truly a habit and develops by changing your mindset and it has to start now. Everyday you wait to start investing in yourself, investing in your money, and investing in changing your perspective about money is another day you lose money. It’s one of those things you can’t say, “I’m going to do tomorrow,” and tomorrow comes and you say, “Well, I’ll just do it next week,” because if you keep this mindset and don’t change then you can’t establish wealth. You have to learn about money. The more you learn about the money, the more you are exercising that money muscle and creating a positive attitude of abundance. This is called “attitude money,” where you spend more time thinking about what you don’t have instead of thinking about what you do have. We all have everything we need to accomplish the goals we are given. 

You can start achieving those goals by sitting down on your #MoneyDateNights and making it a game of understanding where you are and facing the things you need to do. During your #MoneyDateNights you have to be disciplined and do the following: 

  • Establish a plan. Visualize where you want to be with your money and what you want to do with it. For me, I am visualizing myself in India and planning how I’m going to get there. 
  • Follow the plan. Make sure you are actually sitting down and writing it down. Do this so you can read it and stick with following through with it. 
  • Review the plan regularly. Review the plan weekly to make sure you aren’t trailing off from it. Stick with it. Check your bank account, your credit cards, your savings account. Are you over the limit? What can you do to fix this?

When you make a plan, it becomes something you stick with and follow through on and becomes a habit for you. That’s what wealth is all about. Wealth is about establishing a plan, following through with it, and reviewing it to make sure you’re sticking with it - making your #MoneyDateNights into a habit. 

As you stick with your plan, remember to reward yourself. I mentioned this in our last #MoneyDateNight, but if you accomplish something - let’s say you pay off a bill, then reward yourself! Don’t go overboard now - if you pay off a bill worth $250, don’t blow $250, use a portion of it - maybe $50 to reward yourself. 

If you encounter setbacks with your plan, look at ways you can combat these situations that may cut into your monthly spending plan. If you have a credit card that is due - contact them and inform them you are experiencing an emergency and you may need an extension, grace period or have to skip a payment. If they approve, check in with them weekly to establish trust on where you are. 

Use the Billionaire Inside of You Facebook Group as a space to evaluate things like this and where you are. Connect with me and other members to learn different strategies to increase your wealth and live abundantly. Make your wealth muscle grow with us! When you do this, it will literally free your mind. 

Come ready to our next #MoneyDateNight. Tweet me your questions using #MoneyDateNight hashtag. 

To YOUR Prosperity,