Attack Debt by Cutting Cost...

The easiest way to get +$100 every month... What if I told you you can earn more than $100 per month just by being smart with your money? The great thing is that the whole household can be included in the game that will at the end of the month result in you having $100 more in your pocket to spend on things that actually matter to you.

In order to have more money, you do not need to earn more – you just need to play it smart with the existing income and save bit by bit. We’ll teach you how to start the game by introducing the simplest principle called 10/10 that will get you started on saving more than $100 per month. In such a way, you will have the opportunity to learn how to spend your money on things that enrich your LIFE and how to CUT costs on the things that are not essentially needed. Introducing 10/10 principle in the video you will see how simple it is to attack your debt by cutting costs.

In today’s episode Ask Tani TV brings you all the basics behind the 10/10 principle and gets you up to speed in household cost reduction. You can start with saving $10 per purchase and see how it goes – even better, you can invite all your family to the challenge of saving money. This is a great way to teach your children about how to wisely organize and spend your funds. On the other hand, you and your children will also benefit from the money being saved – because you will be able to spend it on the things that matter most to you.

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