Are You Financially Faithful... Or A Financial Failure?

Transparent moment from me...

I am finally writing about a "Fatal Flaw" in my business. A story I believe will save you a lot of hardship and heartache, if you choose to learn from the money mistakes I made.

See, during my first 10 years in business, we made a lot of money. Many people called us rich, but we certainly didn't feel rich – or how I thought rich would feel. I somehow believed the flood of money I had was going to last forever. I saw it as a water faucet that would never run dry. And then one day, it was all gone. All of it.  

Ouch! I had a lot of expensive stuff, and no money. Zero. I had a $50,000 monthly overhead for payroll and other business expenses, and yet, I had no income. No income. The feeling of homelessness paralyzed my being. Do you know how it feels to be one step away from homelessness?  I hope you never have to think about that. Day dreaming of what could be drained my spirit into desperation. I spent money just as fast. As I made more money, I spent more money. 

What I do know is... that I have devoted most of my life to the study of success, business, impact, influence... everything that had to do with money and credit... I also know that in the last four years I’ve personally received more acceleration, more growth, more prosperity in every part of my life (physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and yes... financial) even in the midst of facing what some would consider overwhelming personal challenges.  What I do know is... I know money and I understand money. Through my business failures, I have found success.  Once I started climbing back on the ladder of success, I also realized that I wanted to help every. single. person that I connected with when in reality.... I was... spread thing... I was giving my time, energy and attention to the wrong target market... focused on the wrong things... hitting brick wall, after brick wall. I wasn’t producing the desired results. I was increasing the dollars and cents but my curiosity was not being met until the I starting “Dating my money.” Until I started studying it from a biblical perspective. Until I learned that money is attracted to anyone that treats it right. 

The Greatest Book that was ever written states that “money is the answer to all things.” It wasn’t until I faced my own personal money demons that I was able to break free and truly understand that. I read book, after book on credit and finance and BOOM!!!  I cracked the code, developed the Blueprint, and it was everything I stood for. Join me and see how you can save time and money that you don’t have mastering this Blueprint... The reason why I am successful today is because I failed several times, I’ve witness my bank account at negative ZERO many days, got back up and was still able to dream out loud and freely.  

What I know is... I knew what I wanted.  I wanted to help women understand that money does its own thing unless, YOU give it direction. I wanted to make an impact on women in such a way that she never has to go through all that I’ve been through.  I’ve tried many things, but this one God has His stamp approval all over it. He has made a way out of no way and showed me The Way.  

You don’t want to miss the BEST #MoneyDateNight experience that can change your life and how you look at money forever. Through it, I learned to be financially faithful and become a blessing to many because I am blessed to be a blessing. 

I want you to be able to do that for you TOO!