Are You Afraid of Achieving the Billionaire Inside of You?


Today, I wanted to share an inspirational video with my AskTani followers of a phenomenal interview featuring Lisa Nichols discussing our everyday relationship with money. My sister randomly texted the interview and I was so drawn into and intrigued by Nichols speech that I HAD to share it with my followers. She discusses how money and being rich is so often associated with negative connotations such as being “stingy,” “selfish” or “greedy” that people unknowingly distance themselves from pursuing wealth. Nichols even admitted to doing this herself while she was selling her book.

Not only do these negative connotations play a role in withholding us from being rich, but various “blueprints” as Nichols deems play a factor in our everyday life and relationship with money. She discusses our cultural blueprints of taking pride from doing more with less and wanting to fit in within our community as well as our economic blueprint of how money played a role and factor for us growing up. Was it prominent? Did it cause our parents to always be away as they sought to provide for their family? These blueprints unconsciously cause us to stay away and avoid becoming wealthy. 

Furthermore, gender roles play a huge factor in our relationship with money in that masculinity is often affiliated with being able to provide for the household whilst femininity with having the choice of a great job OR a great man with money. These gender roles lead to the implications of women receiving less pay in our workforce. Lisa Nichols goes on to discuss the blueprint of spirituality, in how we often opt to use what we need and give the rest away based on our religious beliefs. It is through these various blueprints that I wanted to share with my readers at AskTani as they unknowingly lead us away from achieving ALL of our financial possibilities.  

I challenge you to combat your unconscious fears and prior assumptions about money to reach the billionaire inside of you. You can finish learning more about Nichols vision for success and money blueprints here.

And remember: “You are the designer of your destiny; you are the author of your story” – Lisa Nichols