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....We've received several questions regarding how to dispute an error on the report:  It’s common for a credit company to identify you as a frivolous disputer. It’s in a sense very similar to how an underwriter would find you risky for credit approval and decline you. A better example would be an insurer. When quoting you for your policy is going to attempt to make the most money possible based off of your driving record. They want to find risky factors so they can increase your policies premium.Question & Answer Guy

If you are frivolous in your disputes your investigation process may be refused and your dispute will go unanswered. By sending minimal requests at a time (under three to each bureau) you will have a better opportunity to be investigated and for your account to be repaired. To ensure that you have included all required documentation to avoid frivolous accusation be sure you have listed clearly:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address Your City, State, Zip Code
  • Complaint Department Name of Reporting Agency Address City, State, Zip Code

A credit dispute letter should include:

A copy of your credit report What you are disputing Why you are disputing it Documentation proving your correct (if any is available) Provide proof of ID as well, you can use any of these as reference to ID:

  •  Driver’s License State ID
  • Social security card
  • Gas bill
  • Electric bill
  • Water bill
  • Home phone (not cell phone) bill Bank statement (first page w/address) Insurance statement Lease agreement (page with address/signature) Canceled check within 30 days Paycheck stub within 60 days Most recent W-2 Most recent 1099

A credit dispute letter sample is going to give you the opportunity to structure your dispute accordingly. The dispute letter should be organized to suit your needs as a consumer. I will provide examples of credit dispute letters for you to use. You may alter these letters to fit your specific needs as I have with the templates I’ve used. There are many credit dispute letters available online.

As a professional I have composed variations of each letter for your to utilize.

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