Dear Tani: How Can a Financial Team Help Me?

Dear Tani: How Can a Financial Team Help Me?

I know how easy it can to feel to be overwhelmed with trying to balance your finances and determining what’s best for your financial future.  However, you don’t have to go through this alone. This is why it is key to have someone to work with you, to determine and plan your long-term financial goals. You can allow yourself to feel at ease and have a peace of mind by knowing that there is someone on your side who will work with you and plan your long term financial goals. Just how can you do this? By having a financial team!   

Everyone Needs a Financial Team

Everyone Needs a Financial Team

With so much things up in the air these days, feeling overwhelmed is very understandable. Your time is precious and you want what’s best for your household; so many things need fulfilling. Now it’s time to take the difficult step and start talking about your finances. There’s still time to have peace of mind.  Know that there’s someone who will work with you to plan your long-term financial goals. That’s why you need to have a financial team.

Scarcity...Don't Let it Consume You!

Scarcity...Don't Let it Consume You!

My valued friends:

I recently completed a training session and I had some thoughts I wanted to share with you.  There were a lot of great thoughts and ideas presented, but I have to say that the one that really stuck with me--the idea that really made an impact on me--was the concept of scarcity.  Now, I'm in the financial world (financial war) and most of the time we think of scarcity in fairly narrow terms.  In financial terms scarcity amounts to lack of cash flow, lack of resources to make ends meet. Wondering how you are going to pay your utilities and feed your family. Making the tough decisions.

Tax Questions ANSWERED!

I would like to share with YOU many asked questions we receive about taxes. 

An example to keep in mind was that a client was frustrated because they owed close to $3000.00 on their returns. After carefully, analyzing the problem we were able to identify that they were not paying enough taxes.

 In another case, the client had borrowed up to $6000 to pay back their tax debt. Payment of taxes along with debt is something that brings loads of pressure on a common man or woman. I've seemed the hurt and felt their pain when analyzing their pressure.

This is something that must not be taken lightly in any case. The pressure of mounting debts and taxes can end up extremely stressful. Thus, you must ensure that everything is kept well managed and balanced on time. After all, there is nobody who can escape from taxesand live peacefully.

Below is a list of things YOU can do NOW to manage your debts and taxes

1.       Try preparing a central location for all the debts and tax documents: You must make sure that you keep all tax documents together at a single place. January and February is the time when your taxes are filed. If you have all your documents intact then you can make the process of filing your taxes smoother.

2.       Finish up your charitable contributions: If you have desired to contribute something towards charity then do make sure that you do it to get a deduction from the taxes. Being a W2 employee, you must keep a careful record of all the donations.

3.       Start following some tax-oriented online blogs: Tax-oriented online blogs will allow you to understand any update that the government has made. It’s better for you to know what’s happening versus your tax adviser. It is better if you know that you can’t get a HUGE refund because of XYC.

4.        If you are a 1099 contractorReview all of your expenses, organize them on a spreadsheet and have all documents ready for yourtax adviser. Don’t wait till the last minute to get your documents reviewed.

5.       Begin saving: If you think that tax payment is approaching, you then begin saving as soon as possible. (This is only for 1099 contractors or business owners). If you don’t have to pay you will have a surplus. 

6.        If you OWE a balancePlease stay in communication with the IRS. They will work with you. Communication is the KEY.

7.       W4 EmployeesReview the amount of taxes being taken out of your tax documents and ensure that it’s correct. You should double check to make sure there are no errors. Your HR Department is very helpful.

YOU can design your very own “perfect tax system”. It is short and simple. It does not comprise of a long list of rules and regulations. Taxpayers must prepare themselves for the upcoming tax system by analyzing their overall debts and incomes. You must keep all things in mind to successfully handle your debts and taxes. You should carefully manage your expenses and debts accordingly. If you have been a W2 employee, then you must analyze your exceptions so that you can pay back everything you owe. Don't wait until the last minute, it will cost you.

If you have any further questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to AskTani.


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Is your shoe game better than your score?

Many of us care about what we are wearing versus ensuring if the bank account is increasing….

Is your shoe game better than your score?

Announcement: Buying expensive shoes will not increase your credit score!

Many ladies rely on a “shoe game” when checking out their credit scores and this means that many ladies seem to think that spending an arm and a leg on something like an expensive pair of Jimmy Choo heels is the best way to increase their scores.

It turns out that it is harder to raise your score by playing this kind of "shoe game" with your credit score. Making one time, frivolous purchases can potentially do nothing to help your score. If you're stuck with a terrible interest rate, you may only be making payments that do nothing to benefit you in the long run. Think about it this way – if you were a lender, would you rather give your money to someone who made smart purchases or those who only wallowed in lingering debt due to a silly purchase? There are many tactics that you can use to raise your credit score.

One example is to have a recurring payment come out of your credit cards. This, might be for an example a phone bill, a utility or other payment of that nature. If you are using your credit and paying off your balance as much as possible, this can also affect your score for the positive. Leaving a lingering balance based on a purchase at a shoe store will not help your score. Also, many people use their credit for important purchases, such as for your house or vehicle, which look much better to lenders than your last purchase from Macy's.  

If you have any questions about credit and finances, look no further than AskTani. With her expert methodologies, you will soon be on the path to living debt free and actually look forward to crunching the numbers of your finances. Playing the credit game may seem like tough work, but she promises to make it effortless and you can wear that score on your sleeve (and have your Jimmy Choo shoes, too!).

How to Turn Your Credit Score Around?

How to Turn Your Credit Score Around?

In modern world it is said that money is everything – and in MANY cases, it can be true. Having an easy access to money is worth a lot. Most of us live a well-balanced life and take care of our health, happiness and people around us. We also take a note on our financial situation and do our best to handle on it. However, even though everything looks to be working out pretty well, there are unpredictable events that can put our lives off-balance.

The Naked Credit System

The Naked Credit System

Have you ever had a credit mistake that kept you STUCK, frustrated and embarrassed Because OF THE SCORES? Discover how to bring excitement, freedom and profits into your CREDIT LIFE with a simple yet powerful STRATEGY.


The Fastest Way to Fix Errors

The Fastest Way to Fix Errors

By: Philip Tirone with 720 CreditScores.

Some studies say that approximately 80 percent of people have errors on their credit reports. A recent exposé by the television show 60 Minutes had the figure at 40 million people.One way or another, a lot of people are being seriously harmed by errors on their credit reports.

A New Tani

A New Tani

It’s been a long time coming and I’m happy to announce the new Tani! I’ve committed to becoming a fit and healthy Tani and made the decision to be serious about my weight loss. I figured it was the one thing that I could control, as the rest of my life seemed to have fallen apart at the seams. Concentrating on my weight loss would provide some much needed balance that I couldn't find anywhere else.

Pursuing Your Dreams Despite Challenges

Pursuing Your Dreams Despite Challenges

Approximately FOUR months ago I was extremely confused, and severely stuck… BUT God…

Life isn’t always easy, but lately it has been extremely difficult. I’ve been through some challenging conditions that have taken its toll on my business endeavors. These difficulties have really placed a roadblock in my life, and it wasn’t exactly easy to overcome. But like all things in life, you learn from it all, and during these challenging past few weeks, I’ve learned a lot.

4 Mid-Year Money Strategies

4 Mid-Year Money Strategies

Here you will find 4 simply Mid-Year Strategies you can implement immediately that can have a profound affect on your finances and IMPACT your credit scores. 1. Save at least 10% ten percent of your income. If you don't pay yourself first, there won't be any left over at the end of the month to save.

AskTani Entry Level Program

AskTani Entry Level Program

Many people took a hit when the economy tanked a few years back. Some people took a good bit more than a hit. However, now that the economy is heading into recovery, it's time to start fixing those dinged credit reports. Most people are more than a little overwhelmed by the thought. Maybe you don't know where to start. Maybe you've tried to repair your credit by yourself a few times, but stalled out when creditors weren't responsive to your efforts.

Debt Free: A Love Story

Debt Free: A Love Story

It appears that no one wants to be in a relationship with debt. Many of the respondents in the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFFC) monthly poll, of which Apprisen is a member, indicated that they have reservations in regards to taking on debt of their loved ones. The reservations are to the point of ending the relationship. The NFFC poll results below show the participants view regarding taking on debt of loved ones.

Learn credit TIPS that will enhance your scores.

Are you dating your money? Are you dating your credit report? Are you setting aside time to develop your financial future?

In today's AskTaniTV, you will learn TIPS you can apply to enhance your scores.

It's important that you date yourself and date your money, setting time aside to understand your credit will make a world of a difference.

I would love to hear from you. What strategies have you tried to increase your credit score? Comment and share your thoughts below.

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housedebt_2560The foreclosure facts are this: Just like bankruptcy,foreclosure has a severe negative impact on your credit score. But just as in bankruptcy, taking the right steps to repair your bad credit after a foreclosure makes a world of difference.

Foreclosure Facts #1

If you learn how to fix credit, your credit score can increase to 700 in just two years after a foreclosure!

Foreclosure Facts #2

Remember that you have options. Have you considered a short sale? A loan modification? If you have already entered into the foreclosure process, think about the ways you can stop the foreclosure from happening. And be sure you know how foreclosure works so you can take steps to minimize the damage.

Foreclosure Facts #3

Unfortunately, foreclosure is sometimes an inevitable reality. But just like restoring credit after a bankruptcy, you can take steps to minimize the damage.

The PROCESS can be overwhelming.

Call Tani for more details. Let'sTalk2

Attack Debt by Cutting Cost...

The easiest way to get +$100 every month... What if I told you you can earn more than $100 per month just by being smart with your money? The great thing is that the whole household can be included in the game that will at the end of the month result in you having $100 more in your pocket to spend on things that actually matter to you.

In order to have more money, you do not need to earn more – you just need to play it smart with the existing income and save bit by bit. We’ll teach you how to start the game by introducing the simplest principle called 10/10 that will get you started on saving more than $100 per month. In such a way, you will have the opportunity to learn how to spend your money on things that enrich your LIFE and how to CUT costs on the things that are not essentially needed. Introducing 10/10 principle in the video you will see how simple it is to attack your debt by cutting costs.

In today’s episode Ask Tani TV brings you all the basics behind the 10/10 principle and gets you up to speed in household cost reduction. You can start with saving $10 per purchase and see how it goes – even better, you can invite all your family to the challenge of saving money. This is a great way to teach your children about how to wisely organize and spend your funds. On the other hand, you and your children will also benefit from the money being saved – because you will be able to spend it on the things that matter most to you.

After you watch the video, LEAVE a comment on how this video has helped you. Also share it with your amazing friends so they can be empowered towards saving money. You also want to subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss out on more financial tools and resources. Take control of your debt and don’t let it take control of you.

Snip away your Financial DEBT with "Plastic Surgery"...

We've received more questions on "DEBT"...

In today's episode of AskTani TV, AskTani tackles some of the hard facts about debt and the impact it has on your financial present and future. Be open to face the financial hardships that you are facing or trying to escape. There is a way out of the debt that you have created. Learn some strategies to eliminate the debt that you have accumulated beginning with "plastic surgery."

Check the video out to find out what "plastic surgery" is and how it is a major factor in your DEBT recovery.

After you check out the video, I would love to hear from YOU.

What debt issues do you feel like I may not have given as much light to as necessary?

What are the worlds worst debt situations in your opinion?



Top 10 Wealth Building Tools

Have you always dreamed about having money to do the things that you love to do. Imagine traveling the world, starting that business that you have dreamed about, or buying the house that has always been a goal of yours.

You can achieve your goals in life plus more with a plan of action. Financial wealth building starts with a PLAN. In order, to accumulate wealth you must create a financial blueprint. There are tools and resources that you need in order to build a financial legacy.

In today's episode, I will break down the “Top 10 Wealth Building Tools.” These tools are critical to building your financial destiny. Don't try to do this alone. You need the right resources and support to manifest your vision.

These tools will empower you and have you equipped to master wealth accumulation. Check the video out and be amazed at what wealthy people do to grow their money.

After you watch the video, leave a comment in regards to how this video has helped you.