Discover how to Expect the Unexpected....

I did a poll of my #AskTani followers. I wanted insight on what they were most worried about. I wanted to learn what they didn’t worry about at all. How confident or unconfident they were in their personal finances. What I discovered was that nearly half of those surveyed had a common fear:

They worried about what they would do if the unexpected happened. If they suddenly lost their job, car broke down, or fell behind on their bills for an unforeseen reason. And this was a worry that showed no matter what they made. Yes, people who make enough money to pay their bills or “get by” and people who just simply worry about how to plan for the unexpected no matter what they make had the same worry.

Was I surprised about my findings? No.

We don’t expect the “unexpected” to happen. But the “unexpected” doesn’t have to be so “unexpected” if you prepare for it. Imagine thinking to yourself, yes – I’m on top of my bills – and you know what, if I were to lose my job, I’d be good for 6 months – or a year – or even two years!

So, just where can you begin to even plan for the unexpected? After all, it’s called that for a reason, right? Think about your current bills. What do you have that will need to be paid no matter what? Maybe it’s your car loan, mortgage, or medical bills. These are recurring expenses that if you were to take a loss in income, you would have enough stashed away to cover these bills until you got back up on your feet.

Or check this out – what about your uncontrolled expenses, things like gas, food, or insurance premiums that you can’t always predict what there exact price will be? Plan for these too. You know on average how much they cost. Create a spending plan of how much you’ll set aside plus a little more in case prices go up. But keep track of your spending plan, so you’re not spending too much on food or gas.

What else? Replenish. In the case you go through your emergency fund on a rainy day, make sure you immediately start setting aside money to build it back it up. Don’t let a rainy day be an excuse for why you still aren’t prepared for the unforeseen. Pick back up. Even if you’re putting away as much as $500 or $25. It’s still progress.

And when you put it in your savings – keep it there. Live by the hashtag #DontTransferSavingstoCheckings2017! Don’t do it! I know it’s tempting when you see $500 just sitting in your bank account – and you think, this watch would look nice on me – I can add back to my savings or I’ll just eat out today and put it back next week when I get paid, it’s no big deal. Man!!! I am so guilty about this and many others. Say NO to “tempting money spending” #DontTransferSavingstoCheckings2017!

Well, I love to break it to you, but this is a big deal. That money you take out today and tell yourself you’re going to replaced next week, will not be replaced. Think of it like this, let’s say you had $200 in your account and you took out $50 one week. Next week, you place $250 in your bank account and consider it no lost, right?

Wrong, you still lost $50. Instead of having $450 in your account, you could’ve had $500 if you’ve kept that $50 in there. And if you keep taking out $50 every other week? That’s $1,300 you’ve lost in a year.

And the most important way to “know” the unexpected? Look at your past “unexpected” occurrences. Did you car break down? How much did it cost? Did you have medical bills? How much did you pay out of pocket? Did you have to repair your home? How much was that? Use these past unforeseen events to make the future expenses more foreseen. The unexpected doesn’t have to be unexpected on your finances if you know what to do.

Weigh in with me, using #AskTani, what’s something unforeseen on your finances you’ve encountered? How would you handle it today? #Share.

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Now or Never

During the past three days I've been reflecting on my amazing time in Orlando at the Speak to Impact LIVE! event. Every moment I spent with fellow entrepreneurs, I was able to elevate myself to another level. Our group was overcome by authentic and pure connections. I was surrounded by other entrepreneurs who were empowered to create the impossible. The pure openness of everyone and the ability to be coached in front of more than 300 people made my skin shiver. By the third day, I boldly walked up to the mic with my body sweating from head to toe. I knew it was my moment; I knew it was my time.

I knew it was now or never.  

I listened to countless stories of what inspired other entrepreneurs. I knew exactly why I was there. I knew that my passion is to inspire others to take control of their financial future, to not let debt control their lives, and to not let a three-digit number determine what they can and can't do. 

It was a pivotal point in my walk when I drew a line in the sand. It was time for my moment. It was time for me to make an impact on people. I was taking giant elephant steps. Some caused hesitation because I wanted to make the perfect impact. The moment I had been avoiding finally came; it was me and the mic. It was time to share my stand with the entire world. The words flooded out of my mouth from my gut, not my head. I stood before the mic, sharing my story with all my heart and might.  

The crowd applauded and tears ran down my face. It was a magical moment. All three days were indescribable. Lifelong connections were made. Accountability partners were shaking hands. And world changers came together and decided that our stand was worth more than any circumstance — more than any feeling. I'm full of expectancy and desire to give the world everything I have. My name is Tanisha Layne. I stand for women to live their dreams, no matter what their circumstances. I believe that when women are focused on their God-given purposes, they are powerful beings able to create the impossible. You can be a part of this movement. Just ask me how.

Establish a Wealth Mindset

Photo by iLexx/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by iLexx/iStock / Getty Images

A lot has been on mind and I’ve been thinking about the word wealth. During last weeks #MoneyDateNight which is a time and space where we all need to come together and create a mindset of wealth. Wealth starts with your mindset by not thinking of what you don’t have, but what you do have. Don’t constantly say to yourself - “I don’t have hardly any money,” or “I can’t stop living paycheck to paycheck.” Instead discover with me how you can create a mindset to think differently and have solutions to all of your money obstacles. 

Wealth starts with you. Wealth is truly a habit and develops by changing your mindset and it has to start now. Everyday you wait to start investing in yourself, investing in your money, and investing in changing your perspective about money is another day you lose money. It’s one of those things you can’t say, “I’m going to do tomorrow,” and tomorrow comes and you say, “Well, I’ll just do it next week,” because if you keep this mindset and don’t change then you can’t establish wealth. You have to learn about money. The more you learn about the money, the more you are exercising that money muscle and creating a positive attitude of abundance. This is called “attitude money,” where you spend more time thinking about what you don’t have instead of thinking about what you do have. We all have everything we need to accomplish the goals we are given. 

You can start achieving those goals by sitting down on your #MoneyDateNights and making it a game of understanding where you are and facing the things you need to do. During your #MoneyDateNights you have to be disciplined and do the following: 

  • Establish a plan. Visualize where you want to be with your money and what you want to do with it. For me, I am visualizing myself in India and planning how I’m going to get there. 
  • Follow the plan. Make sure you are actually sitting down and writing it down. Do this so you can read it and stick with following through with it. 
  • Review the plan regularly. Review the plan weekly to make sure you aren’t trailing off from it. Stick with it. Check your bank account, your credit cards, your savings account. Are you over the limit? What can you do to fix this?

When you make a plan, it becomes something you stick with and follow through on and becomes a habit for you. That’s what wealth is all about. Wealth is about establishing a plan, following through with it, and reviewing it to make sure you’re sticking with it - making your #MoneyDateNights into a habit. 

As you stick with your plan, remember to reward yourself. I mentioned this in our last #MoneyDateNight, but if you accomplish something - let’s say you pay off a bill, then reward yourself! Don’t go overboard now - if you pay off a bill worth $250, don’t blow $250, use a portion of it - maybe $50 to reward yourself. 

If you encounter setbacks with your plan, look at ways you can combat these situations that may cut into your monthly spending plan. If you have a credit card that is due - contact them and inform them you are experiencing an emergency and you may need an extension, grace period or have to skip a payment. If they approve, check in with them weekly to establish trust on where you are. 

Use the Billionaire Inside of You Facebook Group as a space to evaluate things like this and where you are. Connect with me and other members to learn different strategies to increase your wealth and live abundantly. Make your wealth muscle grow with us! When you do this, it will literally free your mind. 

Come ready to our next #MoneyDateNight. Tweet me your questions using #MoneyDateNight hashtag. 

To YOUR Prosperity,