2013 What an Amazing Year...

This has been an amazing year filled with ups and downs 

When I think about how much God is doing for AskTani.com, I am amazed by a Mighty God. It’s definitely true—“God will do exceedingly above what we ask or imagine according to the power that is working within us” (Ephesians 3:20). This has been an amazing year filled with ups and downs. It has been filled with events that have propelled me to the next level. I would like to highlight three aspects that greatly impacted me in the areas of business, personal and spiritual growth.

I would like to start with Business Foundation & Development training from VinceonBusiness, specifically in the areas of Passion and Purpose. In his book “Making the Shift” he states:

Your passion is that “thing, cause, or calling” you have embraced and are willing to sacrifice life and all your resources to obtain or accomplish. It’s the thing that keeps you motivated, excited and enthusiastic about life, even when things are terrible. Your passion speaks to you daily. When you are ready to throw in the towel, you won’t because of your passion. Your passion will not allow you to settle for average or where you presently are. Instead it calls you to fulfill the greatness that’s erupting inside of you. Your passion helps you become more than what you are right now.

Through his mentorship program he helped me think through processes, ideas, situations, circumstances and other aspects of how we conduct business. His strategies allowed me to see the worth of our services and revamped our pricing structure. Through his coaching, I was able to gain insight into how I would be able to better connect my passion with my client’s needs therefore, giving them the attention they needed to prosper. His team played an integral role in launching AskTani TV which was a great success. I received clarity regarding being consistent with ideas and not becoming overwhelmed by different ideas. God gives us different ideas and we have to learn how to evaluate which idea is connected to our purpose. I believe that connecting with VinceonBusiness helped me understand which ideas served my purpose and benefited the company. VinceonBusiness is definitely the person you need to connect with. If you have an idea, he will help you execute it.

This Needs To Be Said gave me a platform to share my passion for money and credit. I was able to share my gifts to a diverse audience through radio. I also learned from Carolina Christian Toastmasters. I learned not to allow fear to stop me from speaking. Carolina Christian Toastmasters served as a team of encouragers. They also gave me tools to effectively communicate my passion for money and credit.

AskTani Community Service: Countless sponsors and volunteers assisted with The Thanksgiving Food Drive. Year End Post Food Drive

The food drive was phenomenal and the food drive allowed exposure to my community serving side. The food drive was successful and rewarding on so many levels. This brings me to another individual that I would like to thank. Alana V. Allen with I Am A Queen, assisted me with the Thanksgiving Food Drive. She also gave me an opportunity to speak to the youth at the I AM A Queen Teen conference. The conference was remarkable.

Year End Post Jada DrewJada Drew owner of Social Designs and Director of Multicultural Department at Guildford College is another powerful individual. She allowed me to teach “Business Concepts” to the Africana Change Jr. program at Dudley High School. I spoke to the students about business. We created business plans and I provided them with insight into business ideas & money. What an amazing experience.

I can’t forget Mrs. Catherine Newsome, Chief Executive Lady of 5-Star Lady Corporation.  It was an honor to be the financial speaker for her  Healthy vs. Toxic Relationship Workshop. I spoke at this workshop in the beginning of 2013. The topic was “The Relationship of Money & Credit". The ladies were ready to learn. I personally came back from the conference fired up. It was amazing.Year End Post 5Star

Spiritual Lesson: Spiritual growth is uncomfortable when you are trying to achieve the impossible. Bill Johnson in “Manifesto for a Normal Christian Life” says if you are not reaching the impossible, then you are not growing spiritually.” There is a pleasant discomfort with greater reward.

I also learned to rest whenever I found myself overworked or overwhelmed. I rested in God’s promise. I realized that rest did not equal inactivity. It became the peace or calm in the center of a storm. I learned a valuable lesson in business. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, go to Jesus and he will give you rest and guidance therefore, God will exceeds your expectations each time.

Let’s finish the year out strong and set up 2014 to be a truly exceptional year. The best is yet to come. You must believe this for your business and personal life. Join AskTani in making 2014 the best year of our life...

Gracias (Thank you) to each of you that contributed to our growth. Most importantly thank you, to my clients that believed in me and are growing with me.

 Year End Post 12-19-2013